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Vinnie is a 1965 VW Split Screen campervan from San Francisco.

One of the orginal ‘hippy vans’, Vinnie no doubt played a full part in the Summer of Love and was probably in attendance for one of San Francisco’s Beatles concerts or Vietnam protests.

On a misty morning 52 years later in rural Oxfordshire, Vinnie entered our lives. The Dubbies team fell instantly in love – there was no doubt that Vinnie was ‘the one’.

At the end of 2017, Vinnie began to be lovingly converted by The VW Camper Company, to not only look even more amazing (we know what VW enthusiasts expect!), but also be able to serve ice cream and sweet treats.

They called Vinnie ‘a fantastic survivor’, complete with his original panels and interior. He was relatively free of rust but with some professional pre-event makeover, Vinnie is truly authentic!

These photos show Vinnie’s progress in March.

The team at Dubbies spent some time deciding which VW colour would best suit Vinnie and be perfect for your event, whether for photos or to have an impact on your guests when they first see him.

They decided on this blue… we think it is vintage yet sophisticated, subtle enough to blend in, but stunning enough to stand out!

Here is Vinnie, ready for events near you…


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