VW T2 Bespoke Air-Conditioning System

For a Hong Kong Client

Job Description

This fantastic VW split screen is a the ultra-rare “23 window samba” version. We are sending it out to a customer in Hong Kong where we know the 23 glass windows are going make it very warm inside. The standard VW split screen engine has little power to spare, let alone enough to power an air conditioning compressor. Modern electric vehicles have to use electrically powered air conditioning systems in the absence of a petrol or diesel engine to drive the A/C compressor. So our solution, pictured here, is to uprate the engine to 1835 cc and fit a modern high-output alternator to power an electric A/C system from our friends at Classic Retrofit.

Projects Details

  • Bespoke Air-Conditioning
  • Full Rebuild
  • Bodywork
  • Full Repaint
  • Engine Work
  • Overseas Client
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