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Manual Transmission4 Cylinder Engine60 MPG6 Seats3 Year WarrantyManual Transmission6 Cylinder Engine45 MPG5 Seats4 Year WarrantyAutomatic Transmission8 Cylinder Engine30 MPG4 Seats5 Year Warranty

4 Column Pricing Layout

Manual Transmission4 Cylinder Engine60 MPG6 Seats3 Year WarrantyManual Transmission6 Cylinder Engine45 MPG5 Seats4 Year WarrantyAutomatic Transmission8 Cylinder Engine30 MPG4 Seats5 Year Warrant [...]

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Welcome to the VW Camper Company

We love it when people come in to see us to discuss a new business idea that capitalises on the character of a VW Camper and we can source and convert to suit most great visions. However crazy they seem.


VW Campers have been the source of great family memories for generations. we're delighted that a resurgence in that adventurous sprit shows no abatement. We'll help you write memories for years to come.


Maybe you have lovingly cared for your VW Camper for many years but need a trusted partner to keep it MOT'd and in good shape. We're the company for you. We're affordable, experienced and we really care.

We have decades of experience working with VW Camper Vans and our knowledge is unparalleledVW Campers are meant for long journeys. So we make sure they just keep on going..Our superb facilities provide a full refurbishment service or MOT's and reliable servicing and repairsOur equipment throughout the workshops is state of the art so we are well set up from bodywork to engine fine-tuning. WELCOME TO THE VW CAMPER COMPANY If you are looking for a clas [...]


A selection of nice things our customers have said...

Our Customers Say The Nicest Things:

These are just a recent selection....

"Good bunch of guys who are clearly passionate about what they do and look after the vehicle as if it were their own. Fixed our gearbox, fixed a few issues with the engine which is now running sweet, plus identified and then corrected some other things that needed doing as well. Turnaround time was quick too, would recommend this company to anyone looking for a trustworthy company to look after their Transporter." Adam Freeman

"Absolutely fabulous. I received first class service at the VW Camperco. Having been advised elsewhere that my VW T3/T25 needed a full engine rebuild I received helpful advice over the phone. On arrival we were shown around the fascinating and immaculate workshop - you really could eat your dinner off the floor. Paul and the team could not have been more helpful. Following thorough testing and inspection they were clear that we had been misadvised. The engine did not need major work. However it was clear that there were some other significant issues and a range of recommendations were made. The extensive work was done swiftly and to a very high standard. At [...]


With our large, modern workshops located in the UK's classic car industry heart, we sell, service and restore many types of classic cars. We specialise in the earlier air-cooled VW Campers, due to our distinguished history and proven track-record with major air-cooled brands.

We offer a full one-stop shop for all aspects of high-quality restoration, upgrades, repairs and  servicing.  We have our own in-house paint-shop and employ a full-time staff of eight highly trained, professional mechanics and fabricators. We also have a number of part-time specialists in the lost-arts of traditional mechanical skills and we have specialist tools, equipment and spares.

  History The company was founded by Angus Watt whose passion for air-cooled VW Campers isunparalleled. With decades of experience, Angus runs an immaculate workshop with th [...]

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That being said, we will give you an amazing deal for the trouble.
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