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They are also cost effective and available in a choice of finishes. Oak laminate or spray painted in a solid colour. All made and painted or varnished in-house.

Now available made in house too. We have a large a well equipped carpentry shop and use of a huge CNC router next door.

We offer a bespoke design & fit out service or you can fit them yourself.

Original interior units repaired with new laminate, new appliances, hinges etc. We have restored several original Westfalia VW Camper interiors too.

For the electrics we can supply & fit 240 volt hook-up, leisure battery, chargers, inverters, all types of fridge, stereo systems, immobilisers, trackers, ipod docking, DVD & TV.

We can tackle any job from a sill to a complete bodyshell.  more more
We have our own in-house bodyshop with media blasting facilities and a full time staff to run it.  more more
We can now re-trim the interior of any VW Camper in-house  more more
Engines. What a can of worms you can open up here. Rebuild yours? "Factory" re-con or even built from all new parts?  more more

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