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Engines. What a can of worms you can open up here. Rebuild yours? "Factory" re-con or even built from all new parts?

We prefer to re-build the original engines in our VW Camper Vans rather than exchange them for recon units. This way we enjoy a high original German parts content and a strong personal input to every engine we fit.

Our improved or hi performance engines are now built in house with parts sourced from the best specialists in the business. Most machining work is carried out in-house or by Jim Calvert's Stateside Tuning. He also supplies most of our high performance parts.

We can build upgraded or specialist engines as required. We fit external oil coolers, electronic ignition and alternative exhaust systems. We have dyno testing facilities on site for performance engines.

We love the fuel injected engines fitted in most US buses and Porsche 914s because we understand how they work. Removing the injection system to fit aftermarket carbs is a cop out in our opinion and will not work on an Auto anyway. Oh yes - and we're very experienced with Auto gearboxes too.

We can tackle any job from a sill to a complete bodyshell.  more more
We have our own in-house bodyshop with media blasting facilities and a full time staff to run it.  more more
VW Camper van interiors & Repairs  more more
We can now re-trim the interior of any VW Camper in-house  more more

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